Bio-Revelation: Cast

Eunice Marcell


Age: 18

Born: October 12 (Libra)

Song: “Perfect Day” by Hoku

Family: Dr. & Mrs. Marcell

Pampered high school princess, Eunice Marcell, has everything a teen could ask for. She comes from a wealthy family, beauty, boys vying for her attention, and is dating Jeremiah Smith: high-ranking member of the FOH. Jeremiah’s activities in the “family business” often maker her uncomfortable. Due to her disinterest in her school subjects and the news, she is poorly informed on the issues and laws regarding clones. She is somewhat like a “Lost Girl.”


Jeremiah Smith


Age: 19

Born: May 1 (Taurus)

Song: “The Warmth” by Incubus

Family: Mr. Smith (father) & Dimitri Smith (older brother)

Active member of the FOH, Jeremiah Smith, is conflicted. The FOH is for him a part of the family business. His father is the leader, and older brother, Dimitri, is next in line. All he wants out of life is to graduate high school, go to college, get a good job, and be with his girlfriend, Eunice. Currently he is taking AP/College courses and has a part-time job as he enjoys being busy and wishes to help the community. Unlike his father and brother, he questions the methods and views of the FOH.


Trevor Watson


Age: 20

Born: March 21 (Aries)

Song: “Chill” by the Rasmus

Family: David Watson (twin)

Figurehead and one of the leaders of the Clone Rights movement, Trevor Watson, dreams of living life with the freedom to go as he pleases. – Without being kicked out or sent elsewhere because of being a clone. With his brother and friends, Lance and Anna, he feels closer to that dream, taking bold risks with publicity stunts meant to bring attention to his cause – freedom and equality for all clones.



David Watson


Age: 20

Born: March 21 (Aries)

Song: “Roseability” by Idlewild

Family: Trevor Watson (twin)

The second leader in the Clone Rights Movement, David Watson, is Trevor’s opposite: calm, sarcastic, and methodical. He also dreams of freedom, but through peaceful methods. Often he finds himself immersed in books, admiring the works of other civil rights activists like Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr.



Dimitri Smith


Born: December 31 (Capricorn)

Song: “Cats in the Cradle” by Harry Chapin

Family: Mr. Smith (father) and Jeremiah Smith (younger brother)

Next in line of FOH leadership, Dimitri Smith believes he is an unsung hero against “grassroots terrorists” like those in the Clone Rights Movement. Allowing his world to revolve around the FOH has made him very protective of his younger brother, Jeremiah, and highly disapproving of his girlfriend, Eunice. He is a devout Christian and believes that a faith-driven government will save the country from ruin of moral decline and clones.



Lance Roberts

Age: 22

Born: August 5 (Leo)

Song: “One and Only Lonely” by the Rasmus

Family: Senator Roberts (father)

Nothing is out of reach for Senator Ted Roberts’ son, Lance. He is accustomed to the latch-key lifestyle since he was a child, and has free reign of the city since his father is the most popular long-standing Senator in the state. Knowing that, he goes about the city presenting himself as a reputable young man (as a representative of his father), befriending everyone – including the FOH and clones. Despite getting and going as he pleases, Lance is plagued with sporadic nightmares he tells no one about.



Anna Kitto


Age: 19

Born: November 17 (Scorpio)

Song: “You Don’t Know Me” by Ben Folds

Family: Orphan

As Lance’s girlfriend, Anna considers herself a very fortunate young woman. Not only does she have the love and affection of Lance, but also has the freedom with him to see her childhood friends, Trevor and David. She is headstrong and opinionated, but tender to her friends. She introduced Lance to the twins, and was about to enter the convent when she became an atheist. She often hangs out with Eunice, who is her polar opposite.

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